Cover-up over Bullying Investigation

In the 2018-2019 season, one may find football players running on and off pitches in new Aston Villa kit. Nevertheless, the club were accused of conceal real conditions about bullying investigation.

Such a claim is a fresh blow to club Aston Villa. In previous interviews with the Guardian, four young football players said they have been bullied by MacDonald and another coach. A young football player and his father published the complaints about then director Sean Kimberley. It’s said that the player’s mental, emotion and physical health got hurt.

The club didn’t take actions against the complaints. However, investigation by Premiere League indeed find something illegitimate and criticized them for incorrect behaviours. In order to respect the fathers willing, we could not publish his name, because the father didn’t like his son to be recognized a victim.

The father of that young footballer said, “The club is a place full of bully.” But no measures have been taken to punish them. Although having left club Aston Villa, the father are not satisfied with the team’s response. In spite of changes of chief executives and management strategy, head of academy is still unchanged. So the father concerned such conditions could not be changed thoroughly. He strongly believed that the club have concealed the reality of bully. Besides, he argued that reality should be looked into for fear of further damage to other youths. The club have to learn from previous events, so that they could perform better in the future.

Two well-respected coaches Stuart Taylor and Gordon Cowans left club Aston Villa while the head one still in its position. Some support staff also left while they are regarded as good people. It’s estimated that final solutions of related problems were kept secret, because they have reached confidential clauses involving them.

In spite of the father’s repeat requirements in getting information about investigation progress, Villa failed to make it. After a short time, he was told that some measures have been taken to solve the problem, and the investigation has shut down.

After the abnormal investigation, the father accused the club in wrong attitudes. The allegations revealed by a player confidentially; Although the young footballer was encouraged to speak up more reality freely. Others seemed receive intimidation.

The father convinced those concerns involving Aston Villa’s bully in academies. By the end of May 2016, the club still hold its rankings in top flight. The league replied the father that they have find some illegitimate behaviours against club Aston Villa and MacDonald.

Aston Villa

The Premiere League had commissioned a review to find evidence about the original inquiry. In the end, they indeed find some evidences. Aston Villa’s processing of these concerns have been reproached extensively, although no individual names have been released.

After the blow, some said that Aston Villa is put under new management and is taking measures to improve such conditions. Although there are evidences that could prove MacDonald’s illegitimate actions, the coach still takes the post at the club. Some resources revealed that inspection only is related to safeguarding of under-18s.

Backbone of Sunderland Squad

He described his job as a blind job for few people’ notice. The footballer similar to Thomas of Bayern Munich to a certain extent. They choose him because of his blind jobs. Those jobs will make other people’s job easier. In the interview with Guardian, Sunderland’s Fabio Borini talked about the sacrificial job under Sam Allardyce.

As the former striker donning Chelsea new kit, Swansea kit, Roma kit and Liverpool kit, Sam Allardyce is usually deployed out wide on the right. There is no doubt that he was assigned defensive missions. In tradition, a forward is often taken as an outfield player. In addition, he is worthy of respecting for his selflessness.

It’s hard to perform well in every aspect. From time to time, one will be forced going backwards rather than going forwards. All one needed to be done is to defend attacks from the opposition and track back instead of appreciating rivals’ playing. It is also the reason why he resists to win goals as many as possible. He also believes that such jobs are responsibilities of his posts. And he has to dedicate to one side a little bit, sacrificing his strengths for his football team.

It’s certainly that his diligence could also be seen as the critical factor to successes in Premiere League games. All his efforts also are helpful to teammates more or less. Resilient but systematic defences guaranteed their wins among the last 11 football matches, remaining the position in the division.

Many may argue that he is not excellent as above remarks for his poor contributions — five goals and two assists in all football games this season. Given his pre-eminent performances, it’s unfair to assess him only by these results. Nevertheless, many an aspect of his match could be analyzed, combining with the results of the football club.

Let’s begin with his exceptional work efficiency. He takes pains to run for the team, tracks information energetically and resolutely to motor back to back defenders whenever they need. What’s more, he faces physical confrontations without a little cowardice. He tides over and combat with his rivals with persistent tenacity and aggression.

At the same time, he also layouts the tone for his teammates in defensive end. Even a skillful attacker also admire his great efforts for his team, too. The veteran with proficient skills in playing football is very important for a football team. Borini also proved that great importance of imaginations in the final is positive. Besides, his ability in dribbling, underestimated aerial skills and potential noticeable characteristics could be improved further. All abilities engaged in running, getting into dangerous positions are all highlights in pitches.

In spite of failing to take the post of attackers this season, Borini still insists that he could write a totally different story next season. He wish he could win more opportunities to play a more attacking role, instead of fighting against relegation.

Kylian Mbappé Lottin

Mbappé, also known as Kylian Mbappé Lottinborn in French and played for the France national football team, becoming a member of the squad who won the champion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Viewing from transfer in recent days, he is regarded as the most expensive footballer now.

When he was young, he caught attention from most of the people for his talents and impressive performances for the youth academy. Then he transferred to Monaco, in which he seized up the first opportunity of professional debut in 2015. Then taking advantages of his starring feats, he established himself as a regular goalscorer in the season 2016-17. With the assistance of him, the football club which he has worked for won champion of Ligue 1 in 17 years.

He moved to PSG one year later for €180m, then he became the second expensive football player. After his joining, layout of some competitions has been disturbed, such as Ligue 1, Coupe de France, and Coupe de la Ligue. In 2017, he completed his senior debut in France national football team, and netted goals for the team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Then, he became the second youngest footballer who has netted goals at FIFA World Cup, second to Pele.

Mbappé born in Paris, France. Although his father came from Cameroon, his father is a football coach while his mother is a former handball players. It perhaps is the special family environment, leading him to the career involving sports.

In the very beginning, he started to play football at AS Bondy, under the direction of his father. His father also commented his son. He believed that Mbappé showed gifts when  he was six years old. Because he could run faster than other players and performed well in pitches. His father also said his son was the best footballer in the last 15 years.

Then he transferred to  Clairefontaine academy and caught a striking figure through his impressing performances. It was his outstanding performance that many football clubs were competing to sign him. At the age of 11, he went to London and played a match for Chelsea. Then he moved to Monaco.


In 2015-16 season, Mbappe accomplished his debut in Ligue 1 draw against SM Caen, taking the place of Fabil Coentrao after 88 minutes. In 2016, he netted the first goal for his team. After a period of time, he received his first professional three-year contract. In this way, he was tied to the club until 2019.

In 2017, he was loaned to PSG. It’s said that the transfer fee rose to €145m, with €35m add-ons, turning him the second most expensive football player at any time, only second to Neymar. At the moment of his arrival in France, he was given the number 29 while he was given the No. 7 jersey. It is also like something affirmative. Because the No. 7 jersey is a legacy of the club and many great footballers worn it. Then  he won numerous goals after donning the jersey. He may will create many legendary stories in the future. Let’s wait and loot at it.

The introduction of key players

There are several key players of Tunisia national team. The team will meet Belgium, England and Panama national teams at Group G and it may perform well in the games of the 2018 FIFA World Cup with these excellent footballers.

Born and brought up in France, Yohan Benalouane currently plays for Tunisia national team and Premier League club Leicester City. He made his debut for Tunisia on 23 March 2018 and helped his team win 1-0 over Iran. Benalouane is strong, brave and offensive. Maybe, he will play as the main midfielder in the 2018 World Cup.

Wahbi Khazri plays for Ligue 1 club Rennes on loan from Sunderland, and Tunisia national football team. He played games for the Tunisia national under-20 football team in 2009, then he played games in the 2013 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship qualifiers in 2011. In 2012, Khazri played for Tunisia in the 2013 African Cup of Nations.

When it comes to Portugal national team, fans know the world-famous footballer Ronaldo. There is no doubt that Ronaldo will participate in the World Cup. Besides, there are also preeminent players in Portugal national team.

Born on 8 September 1986, João Filipe Iria Santos Moutinho currently plays for AS Monaco FC. Mainly as a central midfielder, Moutinho is technically exquisite, observant with good defensive ability. If we say that Ronaldo is a “killer” in the Portugal national team, then Moutinho is the team’s “brain”. The cooperation between the two players is extremely perfect and complementary. Moutinho has won Ligue 1 and got the runner-up of Coupe de la Ligue for Monaco; he helped his country win UEFA European Championship in 2016 and get the third place of FIFA Confederations Cup in 2017. In terms of individual awards, he was named SJPF Player of the Month in April 2005 and Porto Player of the Year in the 2012-13 season.

Joao Mario(born on 19 January 1993) is a talented and skilful midfielder who is capable of creating and scoring goals. Mário transferred to West Ham United on loan from Internazionale in January 2018. He was given the shirt with a new number “18” and his name. “I am really happy to be here,” said Mario, “It’s a really amazing experience to join this amazing team and I am just glad to be here.”

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Inspired by the unique jagged stripes of the 1990 jersey, the brand new Germany home shirt 2018 features horizontal black stripes on the front. The new jersey has a comfortable and elegant white collar. The black, red and yellow decoration put inside of the collar reminds players of the victory in 1990 and connects the two different generations. In addition, “Die Mannschaft(the team)” is knitted at the back of the shirt to show the team’s unity. If you want other Germany football shirts, please choose your favorite one at our online store. In addition to those, you are able to find comfortable and breathable shirts designed by sportswear brands for world-famous teams.

List of Argentina national team footballers

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is about to be held on June 14 in Russia. Fans are increasingly looking forward to the final lists of the 32 qualified national teams. With the forthcoming 2018 World Cup, national teams gradually publish their latest list. Argentina national team is most likely to win the World Cup Trophy. The squad will play games with Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria in Group D. According to the ESPN, there are 20 Argentine players who are called up to participate in the World Cup. The latest list includes all the main players who have played the qualifying games.

The goalkeepers are Sergio Romero and Willy Caballero; Eduardo Salvio, Gabriel Mercado, Nicolás Otamendi, Federico Fazio, Marcos Rojo, Marcos Acuna and Nicolás Tagliafico are at defensive positions; the players in the midfield are Javier Mascherano, Lucas Biglia, Éver Banega, Giovani Lo Celso, Ángel Di María and Manuel Lanzini; the forward lines include Gonzalo Higuaín, Sergio Agüero, Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala and Cristian Pavón.

There are still three vacancies in the list of Argentina. Jorge Sampaol, the head coach of the squad, still has a week to consider who will be put into the World Cup lineup. It is worth noting that Argentine striker Mauro Icardi who is currently playing for Inter Milan has been excluded from Jorge Sampaoli. Although Icardi has scored several goals for Inter Milan in the 2017-18 season, it is still difficult for him to play for the nation this year. Icardi’s last appearance on behalf of the national team dates back to half a year ago. After the 2018 World Cup qualifying games, he is never be called up. At present, Icardi will miss the World Cup in Russia this summer.

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Argentina Pre-match jersey 2018-19

Adidas has designed a pre-match jersey for the world-famous national team. The comfortable shirt will help players perform well on the field. The jersey is predominately black with blue and white details. Adidas logo is embroidered on the right chest, while the Argentina team crest is displayed on the left chest to pay tribute to the great team. Classic Adidas three stripes have been printed onto the shoulders of this shirt in white, symbolizing victory, in order to encourage players to win again.

The innovative Climalite technology of Adidas has been used in the manufacturing process so as to ensure that players keep cool and dry during training sessions or intense matches. This moisture-wicking fabric can draw perspiration from skin, which can also make players comfortable. What’s more, the shirt is made from 100% recycled polyester, reducing the impact on environment.

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Prediction

Passionate football fans must know that the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be staged on 14 June 2018. Not only players who will participate in the competition but also fans are looking forward to the most prestigious competition. With the upcoming World Cup, each player trains hard every day in order to perform well and win the World Cup Trophy.

José Mourinho(born on 26 January 1963) is the current manager of Premier League club Manchester United. On 27 May 2016, the club officially announced that they signed a three-year contract with Mourinho. He led the squad to win the FA Community Shield on 7 August 2016. In addition, Mourinho helped Manchester United win EFL Cup and UEFA Europa League in the 2016-17 season.

Recently, Mourinho expressed his World Cup prediction in an interview. He believed that Messi and Ronaldo would increase the uncertainty in games of the World Cup. He also talked about national teams and thought that Brazil and Spain are possible to win the tournament. For the Portugal national team, Mourinho said:“It is a very interesting team. If Ronaldo wasn’t on the team, Portugal would not have a chance; but everything is possible with him.” He thought Ronaldo played an important role in the team. In the 2016 European Football Championship, Portugal national team won France national team in the finals with Eder’s key goal in the extra time. Ronaldo was injured and exited early from the game, so he did not play a decisive role. Instead, he played as a “coach” on the sidelines, which was impressive.

Mourinho thought Argentina national team was much the same as Portugal. “It the team didn’t have Messi, Argentina would not be a candidate to win the championship. But the team with Messi is able to play well.” It was Messi’s goals scored by hat-trick that helped the Argentina national team win the game against Ecuador national team.

The Brazil national team is a successful team with tactical skills and positive energy. They defense well and can also score goals. At the same time, the midfielders can provide great assist. Some Brazilian players are powerful and excellent, such as Willian, Coutinho, Neymar, and Gabriel Jesus.” said Mourinho. The team totally scored 41 goals and lost only 11 goals in the qualifying games of the 2018 World Cup. Therefore, the squad is possible to reach the knockout stage and win the championship.

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The red Portugal 2018 home shirt features several indispensable elements. Gold Nike Swoosh and the team badge are embroidered on the chest.

The 2018 Argentina shirt features a white V-neck collar and three sky blue stripes on the front and back of the shirt, which looks retro and modern. Besides, Adidas Climachill technology and breathable mesh fabric allow players to keep cool and dry on the field.