FIFA World Cup 2018 Prediction

Passionate football fans must know that the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be staged on 14 June 2018. Not only players who will participate in the competition but also fans are looking forward to the most prestigious competition. With the upcoming World Cup, each player trains hard every day in order to perform well and win the World Cup Trophy.

José Mourinho(born on 26 January 1963) is the current manager of Premier League club Manchester United. On 27 May 2016, the club officially announced that they signed a three-year contract with Mourinho. He led the squad to win the FA Community Shield on 7 August 2016. In addition, Mourinho helped Manchester United win EFL Cup and UEFA Europa League in the 2016-17 season.

Recently, Mourinho expressed his World Cup prediction in an interview. He believed that Messi and Ronaldo would increase the uncertainty in games of the World Cup. He also talked about national teams and thought that Brazil and Spain are possible to win the tournament. For the Portugal national team, Mourinho said:“It is a very interesting team. If Ronaldo wasn’t on the team, Portugal would not have a chance; but everything is possible with him.” He thought Ronaldo played an important role in the team. In the 2016 European Football Championship, Portugal national team won France national team in the finals with Eder’s key goal in the extra time. Ronaldo was injured and exited early from the game, so he did not play a decisive role. Instead, he played as a “coach” on the sidelines, which was impressive.

Mourinho thought Argentina national team was much the same as Portugal. “It the team didn’t have Messi, Argentina would not be a candidate to win the championship. But the team with Messi is able to play well.” It was Messi’s goals scored by hat-trick that helped the Argentina national team win the game against Ecuador national team.

The Brazil national team is a successful team with tactical skills and positive energy. They defense well and can also score goals. At the same time, the midfielders can provide great assist. Some Brazilian players are powerful and excellent, such as Willian, Coutinho, Neymar, and Gabriel Jesus.” said Mourinho. The team totally scored 41 goals and lost only 11 goals in the qualifying games of the 2018 World Cup. Therefore, the squad is possible to reach the knockout stage and win the championship.

Players from these outstanding teams will do their best to fight for the title. At the same time, global sportswear brands also provide the most comfortable match jerseys for them.

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