Cover-up over Bullying Investigation

In the 2018-2019 season, one may find football players running on and off pitches in new Aston Villa kit. Nevertheless, the club were accused of conceal real conditions about bullying investigation.

Such a claim is a fresh blow to club Aston Villa. In previous interviews with the Guardian, four young football players said they have been bullied by MacDonald and another coach. A young football player and his father published the complaints about then director Sean Kimberley. It’s said that the player’s mental, emotion and physical health got hurt.

The club didn’t take actions against the complaints. However, investigation by Premiere League indeed find something illegitimate and criticized them for incorrect behaviours. In order to respect the fathers willing, we could not publish his name, because the father didn’t like his son to be recognized a victim.

The father of that young footballer said, “The club is a place full of bully.” But no measures have been taken to punish them. Although having left club Aston Villa, the father are not satisfied with the team’s response. In spite of changes of chief executives and management strategy, head of academy is still unchanged. So the father concerned such conditions could not be changed thoroughly. He strongly believed that the club have concealed the reality of bully. Besides, he argued that reality should be looked into for fear of further damage to other youths. The club have to learn from previous events, so that they could perform better in the future.

Two well-respected coaches Stuart Taylor and Gordon Cowans left club Aston Villa while the head one still in its position. Some support staff also left while they are regarded as good people. It’s estimated that final solutions of related problems were kept secret, because they have reached confidential clauses involving them.

In spite of the father’s repeat requirements in getting information about investigation progress, Villa failed to make it. After a short time, he was told that some measures have been taken to solve the problem, and the investigation has shut down.

After the abnormal investigation, the father accused the club in wrong attitudes. The allegations revealed by a player confidentially; Although the young footballer was encouraged to speak up more reality freely. Others seemed receive intimidation.

The father convinced those concerns involving Aston Villa’s bully in academies. By the end of May 2016, the club still hold its rankings in top flight. The league replied the father that they have find some illegitimate behaviours against club Aston Villa and MacDonald.

Aston Villa

The Premiere League had commissioned a review to find evidence about the original inquiry. In the end, they indeed find some evidences. Aston Villa’s processing of these concerns have been reproached extensively, although no individual names have been released.

After the blow, some said that Aston Villa is put under new management and is taking measures to improve such conditions. Although there are evidences that could prove MacDonald’s illegitimate actions, the coach still takes the post at the club. Some resources revealed that inspection only is related to safeguarding of under-18s.